Saturday, September 18, 2021

Happy GOTCHA Day!!!

Today is Little Doggie's GOTCHA DAY :) .. I have been his Mama for 4 years now .. Happy Anniversary Little Doggie!!!

He went for a bath and a haircut 2 days ago .. he gets chilled a lot easier now than before when he had lots of hair.

He still has a summer cut .. he loves his sweaters for colder weather though.

 I take lots of pictures but most of them end up on my Facebook not that many of him on My Instagram. Mostly I post my art to Instagram.

The Pandemic has worn me down along with all the Political divisions and the craziness of ppl NOT wanting to get vaccinated and they are dying because of it and also taking others who do not want to die with them :( 

I pray our Country & our people find some common sense soon and remember that Science is good for them as well as for us!!!


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