Tuesday, June 4, 2024


When Trump was campaigning and won the Electoral College while losing the popular vote to Hilary Clinton, I was shocked that anyone let alone people that I had formerly admired and considered intelligent ppl would vote for such an unqualified buffoon/predator. One in particular .. a New Yorker, announced one day for all us non-Trump ppl to get off her Facebook Lawn and never come back. I unfriended her and mourned that anyone would willingly join a Cult. Yes I recognized Trump & his menace for exactly what it was, even back then. Before you ask, yes I had voted for Hilary Clinton.

The Trump Presidency was a daily nightmarish unhinged lunatic media blitz filled with hate and meanness and mismanagement of a deadly disease that became a nitemare for all sensible ordinary Americans who expected our U.S. Government to function as intended and accomplish normal ordinary daily GOVERNING let alone to lead with honor and dignity during a health crisis.

I do NOT ever want any of us to go through a nitemare like that again. I prayed every day that Trump would keel over dead. Obviously God is NOT going to save us from what has now fully morphed into a Devil aka Trump Worshiping Cult.

Yes I do have family members caught up in that Cult. I love them more than I can ever put into words .. but I have no expectation of ever trusting them or their judgement again. They have chosen living with a poisonous snake and have to either extricate themselves from it's lair or live in Hell with their choices. I pray for them .. but I have no expectation of prayer working to save them either.

God gave us the ability to make choices .. GOOD OR EVIL. I will proudly vote AGAIN for President Biden. No he is not perfect but he cares for all of us plus he is a good man who has accomplished a LOT of good for our Country and our people over the years of his Government Service.

This time .. I am not praying .. I am CHANTING:


I invite y'all to chant with me - let's manifest miracles!!!

Friday, May 31, 2024

U.S. Justice System Worked as Intended: Trump is now a Convicted Felon

 No one is above the Law .. not me .. not you .. not Former President Donald J Trump.

OUR U.S. Justice System worked as intended throughout the trial!!!

A New York Jury heard the evidence. {Trump is a New Yorker.} The Jury paid close attention to all of it each and every day for SIX WEEKS. After Closing Arguments and Jury Instructions, they began deliberations, then asked to hear again some of the testimony/evidence and also part of the Judge's Jury Instructions about the law. Then they deliberated some more and finally came to a decision/verdict .. BASED ON THE LAW AND THE EVIDENCE.

No our Justice System is NOT perfect .. no one in the world has a perfect one .. BUT .. ours starts with Innocent UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT decided by a JURY of our PEERS. The burden of proof is on the Prosecution.

1. The NY Judge was far beyond fair & reasonable to Trump for all his disgusting rhetoric that violated the Gag Order. ANYONE ELSE would have been put in jail for all those flagrant gag order violations.

2. The Cult Republican Sheeps .. in Congress and in EACH U.S State .. as well as FAUX-NEWS who are trashing our U.S. Justice System are despicable lying criminals themselves. Like their Cult Leader Trump .. they are liars and frauds who will stoop to any level to keep or regain political power.

Do any of them care of what is best for YOU, YOUR COMMUNITY or OUR COUNTRY?

If ..YOU.. think they do .. this Born & Raised in Iowa U.S.A. Citizen has some Ocean Front Property in Iowa to sell you for a reasonable million $$$ price aka Cash in Advance for your very own Iowa Ocean Front Property Deed!


When Trump was campaigning and won the Electoral College while losing the popular vote to Hilary Clinton, I was shocked that anyone let alon...