Wednesday, November 4, 2020

My American Election Nov 2020 Aftermath Feelings

The election was yesterday .. I voted DEMOCRATIC: up and down my ballot .. starting with Joe Biden and ending with our local races.

.. as expected AND as NORMAL .. we do not have a clear winner yet .. votes are still being counted in several states .. there was a RECORD-BREAKING number of votes .. but .. below .. THIS is what I posted on my personal Facebook wall this morning:

".. win lose or draw - I feel so betrayed today

I am not depressed nor suicidal .. I just feel heart-sick .. approximately HALF of Americans voted for the orange traitor & the red-thugs for the US Congress yesterday
... 238,000+ DEAD Americans from Covid today mean NOTHING to any of you .. nor will the next 238K+
... you voted for Covid to continue killing American ppl unchecked
... you voted for systemic racism to continue to kill People of Color unchecked
... you voted to put USA life for us all back into the Middle Ages with your abortion bans & gay marriage bans & hundreds of guns in every home & street & grocery store ideology
... you voted to resurrect Nazi Germany & Hitler on American soil
OUR Ancestors who fought in WW II against Fascism are turning over in their graves. I am ashamed of each and every one of you who voted Republican in this election.
I am NOT surprised .. I wish I were 🙁 .. the numbers are in and still coming in. You cannot take back what you have done.
May YOUR Golden Calf bring you exactly what you deserve." ==========

I am not sure how I will get involved in my local community in the near future being that I am nearly 70, no longer drive and little doggie cannot be left home alone in the apt .. but I will figure it out and channel my inner Dr King Spirit of NEVER GIVING UP & moving mountains .. EVENTUALLY!!!

Dr King was a wonderful man .. I admired him while alive and I still admire him today!!!

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