Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Art Communicates & Connects

Over the years, I have been accused of being a nice person many times .. many have detested me for being nice. I did not really understand so I just never really paid a lot of attention to it since I am normally a happy person

UNTIL I became an elderly single woman that felt life-draining depressingly unloved & unwanted & worthless with zero reason to live

AFTER someone online .. seemingly deliberately .. took advantage of my kindness, generosity & loving heart.

I HEALED .. and the experience did have some beneficial health effects in my recovery from Dementia process - it was far cheaper than any Occupational Therapy would have been .. BUT .. I still need to work more on my boundaries!!!

I do not know if it is possible for me to unlearn living in auto-TRUST mode.

I do not even know yet if I WANT to live in an auto-UNtrust mode.

Here are a few of the articles I read this morning

Turns out that being a nice person actually has a lot of unexpected good benefits :)

Yet I am all too aware of the dangers of being nice as well from my lack of social comprehension and abusive childhood.

Plus I still have sensory overload meltdowns sometimes.

I also used to be a writer - personal and professional.

I was quite good at it :) tho I have serious communication issues .. but I discovered that I can say with art what I have no words to say.

I still have a LOT to say that only art [both words & pictures] can coax into it making sense to others.

I just replaced the computer monitor on my desktop .. the old one just quit working one day.

I did not think to buy a touchscreen monitor even though I have been wanting one for years - I love the one on my slow ancient Win [7 upgraded now to] 10 laptop.

I have a drawing tablet my family bought me for Christmas - simple & uncomplicated to use.

I have not been using my drawing tablet much because my hands are painfully swollen and sore a lot more now since the doctor changed my medications this year.

I had not really noticed that I was not using it much until yesterday. That discovery was traumatic for me.

My current linearly thinking during all this dementia healing means that .. sometimes .. I just do not "see" more than one branch of the tree at a time.

Other times I see all of the "tree".

I need digital painting in my life as well as traditional painting.

My art career started with discovering that I could oil paint via the Bob Ross method. Arthritis & Fibromyalgia took that away from me. Digital painting gave it back to me.

My entire family have amazingly awesome physical art/drawing abilities that I do not :(

But I am the one that WANTS & NEEDS to create art as a work career as well as a daily life need to communicate.

Art communicates. Art touches people where they live. Art connects us to ourselves as well as to each other.

My new touchscreen monitor arrives tomorrow :)

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