Sunday, June 14, 2020

Lost & Found Path Directions

Earlier I told a friend on FB earlier that I had lost my digital painting directional path for awhile. BUT that I think I have rediscovered it now. Below is a link to one of my digital paintings from back in the early days of my art career.

The time line of my art career: 
  • I started oil painting.
  • I got involved in the Print On Demand [POD] movement [mostly graphic design art] and had some minor successes there
  • while also working in the corporate world full time in various website, technical & art capacities
  • and started working with watercolors and inks
  • then the POD stuff came apart at the seams & left me reeling and disheartened
  • then my Corporate art career ended for various reasons including bizarre health issues
  • and I was wandering in a sea of confusion for several years.
  • SOMEHOW along the way I managed to find a door back to the ordinary world .. more or less .. while still pursuing traditional art opportunities using paper & canvas and silk scarf dyeing.
  • My brain cells that are left have rearranged themselves to suit themselves.
  • 2020 - digital painting as well as traditional painting are STILL works in progress.
I have NOT painted anything digitally recently .. YET
It will all work out .. I do not have to be in a hurry!!!

I do NOT think as fast as I used to do .. and Little Doggie shrieking aka barking makes thinking more difficult! But life is good!!!

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