Saturday, June 13, 2020

Interesting Times


Gaia Tree - 1st Draft
This morning I finished a painting that I had started a few days earlier.

I have been struggling with all this social isolation as well as the tsunami of political horrors I see happening in America daily while the Coronavirus also daily rages and ravages our Country and our people.

Being at high risk means I am alone and have been ..mostly.. & social distanced .. for months now except for the Little Doggie. I miss daily in-person conversations & interactions with peoples who talk with and to me :)

Being an extroverted introvert means I really miss ordinary daily human social contact like 
and little Mr Shrieker tends to grate on my last nerve much more than he used to do since he barks and lunges and acts crazy vicious at my neighbors [yes he has a muzzle and hates wearing it]  when we see them on our walks. I am saving on gas staying home tho!
Gaia Tree - Finished Painting

I have discovered that it can be VERY different having a male dog instead of a female dog.His territorial protector ownership of me instincts are in overdrive :( I wonder if that is because he was a rescue from the Shelter? He has terrible separation anxiety!

There is NO IGNORING when he shrieks .. for me or for the neighbors :(

I am trying to get a video of him shrieking 
..but I have not managed to learn how to do that correctly YET

I AM working on it :) ... I have an iPhone

[an empty unused Youtube Channel - today: subject to change]

but so far it is still very difficult for me to figure out how to use it correctly for making videos.

I do love the Facetime ability tho .. little doggie gets to see my daughter which makes him sooo happy [he loves her!!!] yet he cannot find her or really understand why he can hear and see her but not smell her and no jumping on her :)

 .. he runs around sniffing for her .. lolol .. she is here while not being here .. it is magic!!!

As my daughter says
 ....... he is lucky he is CUTE!!!

Yes he does have a variety of names! 

Mr Shrieker's Pose When Listening

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