Friday, June 12, 2020

Opinions R Me & Little Doggie

 Anyone who knows me knows I have an opinion on everything and I am happy to share it .. even unasked for .. lol .. so it should not surprise anyone to discover that my little doggie is also a VERY loud and opinionated little critter too!

He tho is MUCH cuter than I am so he gets forgiven for his opinions faster than I do :)

I have this hanging on my door to remind me to be much more patient with him and with me :)

When he needs grooming, he looks like a dustmop :)
 I have been doing a lot of coasting along since I got to North Carolina the end of August 2019.

First there was my serious vision issues which meant I had to have two cataract surgeries .. Thanksgiving & Christmas .. which then I had different vision issues .. amblyopia aka lazy eye complicated my healing afterwards .. lolol .. that was unexpected .. and then just as I was able to see and drive again .. CORONAVIRUS and Stay Home happened to me and the world.

I have not gotten my new glasses after the surgery YET due to the Covid-19 virus risk .. it does NOT seem like a good idea for me to go a doctor office full of elderly people in varying stages of health from before, during or healing stages of eye surgeries.

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