Sunday, January 2, 2022

December 2021 & January 2022 Thoughts

Covid continues to ravage the world .. I went for my vaccine booster shot a week late due to my daughter having food poisoning .. being 70 with COPD-Emphysema means I have a giant target on me .. I am as careful as I can be. Who knew even 2 years ago that someday we would be grateful for food poisoning instead of Covid.

American Politics continue to frighten me :( .. I do not understand why most of the Republican party .. Trump on down through the Congressional ranks down to local American city dog catchers if found to be involved .. are not behind bars for their part in Jan 6th. That is a day I cannot forget .. watching it happen on the tv screen was horrifying .. them wanting to HANG the Vice President .. they built a scaffold outside the building!!! They were using an American Flag on a flagpole to attack police officers .. they put a confederate flag in place of a US Flag .. I am ashamed of each and every one of them :( they were behaving like Nazi's .. our ancestors are probably still turning in their graves at them desecrating the very meaning of our Country and the symbols of our Democracy.

The little doggie is still full of himself and full of barks he is more than happy to share with the world :) He brings soooo much joy and happiness to my life as well as keeping me ACTIVE .. walks are important :)

I survived the xmas holidays :) and the Happy New Year celebrations tho it was very quiet mostly here thankfully. I am still playing ESO :) though probably not physically fit enuf to play a healer for Veteran Dungeon or Trial content .. it is far too intense. Getting OLD is not for the faint of heart :)

I saw this image today on Facebook - it is also on Instagram: Sweatpants & Coffee

It made me really think about our children's today reality vs what we wish it could be for them ..sigh .. In some ways this reminds me of the days of the polio vaccine rollout .. tho everyone in my neighborhood and school was HAPPY to get the vaccine. In my 50's, I worked with a lady who had had polio as a child .. she was grateful to be alive and well considering everything tho by then she spent a lot of time in a wheelchair or her leg braces.

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